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My ALL NEW latest title Phil the Brill Krill written and illustrated by me. Follow Phil, a tiny lonely drifter in the wide ocean, on his journey from lonely and afraid to becoming part of a Community. Aimed at children aged 2-7 years it is a story of inclusion that all with love. Written in rhyme and with full colour double page illustrations on all 38 pages.

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    “A delight for young and old with a message for us all” 
    “Wonderful illustrations with an important message”
    “A profoundly beautiful book”
    “Fun for little ones but with an important message about loving yourself and others”
    “The illustrations are so beautiful.  The book stays with you”
    “A wonderful book”
    “The brightest most gorgeous illustrations I’ve seen in some time”
    5 ***** reviews The Butterfly Who Wouldn’t Open Her Wings 

    “ a truly wonderful story”
    “Profound with an important message for young and old alike”
    “An important message that has beautiful illustrations ”
    “Manages to be engaging and educating without being preachy”
    “We ALL just loved loved loved this book!”
    5***** reviews The Plum Tree

    “Thoroughly engaging read that will educate and make readers learn and think about the subject of prejudice.   “
    “The illustrations are just stunning”
    “Our children loved this story and the marvellous illustrations, we talked about being inclusive of others as well after we read it together”
    “An important book for our times for children and families with simply gorgeous illustrations on every page”
    5***** reviews Fox and Dog

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    Thankyou to all my wonderful customers who have so kindly left reviews of my books.  You can read some examples here!
    “The most brightly coloured and beautiful illustrations I have seen in a long time. “
    “A book with an important message for young and older readers alike”
    Simply stunning illustrations “
    “I LOVE the size and feel of this book. Perfect to sit and read with grandchildren.  Very tactile”
    “A book to treasure forever”

    The Butterfly Who Wouldn’t Open Her Wings 5* reviews

    “Manages that difficult balance between education and exciting storyline just perfectly”
    “An important book for children in our times.  “
    “This book handles the difficult subjects of ignorance, tolerance and prejudice very well. It has beautiful illustrations on every page”
    “The illustrations are stunning.  A full colour illustration on every single page. It kept my children interested from beginning to end”
    Fox and Dog 5* reviews 

    “Sublime storytelling with clever and fun illustrations.  We were able to teach the children lessons about life and loss and death in a gentle and kind way”
    “A book full of understanding, wisdom and above all, hope”
    “This book will stir your soul, break your heart, and then put it all back together again”
    “Double page full colour illustrations to every page.  I loved the pictures and the way the story ran through them”
    “Original and educational in a way children can approach difficult subjects and learn to find acceptance. “
    “This book will stay in the minds of our children forever!”
    “Quite simply a beautiful book with a beautiful message”
    The Plum Tree 5* reviews

    “I LOVED the paintings in this book.  And the prose alongside fits perfectly”
    “A wise book to reflect on and I found it comforting”
    “Easy to look through and each illustration is like a small art work”
    “A treasure!”
    “Profound and beautiful”

    Sometimes.  5* reviews

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