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Waterstones and other places you can buy my books..

Happy New Year!! Last year was challenging and rewarding. This year I will be embarking on my first ever guest speaker event as part of a writers group course. Preparations have begun and I will be able to update and reflect at the end of a February about that.

in the meantime, I had omitted to mention previously that my books are actually available to purchase from WATERSTONES book shops, GoodBooks, and many other good bookshops up and down the Country and across the globe. They are also available to buy on Amazon. Prices there fluctuate depending on the algorithms and such. At Waterstones you would be charged the full actual

prices of the books. That means the Butterfly Who Wouldn’t Open Her Wings is £20.00. Fox and Dog and The Plum Tred are £12.00 and my poetry book is £9.00

So, what you get by ordering direct from this page is a good deal indeed! Oh, and Im waiting on some lovely stickers featuring images from the books. If you order from here you will get a sticker too with your purchase

wishing everyone some good in the coming year

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