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My books and Charity

Did you know my first book, the Butterfly Who Wouldn’t Open Her Wings, is endorsed by the Charitable organisation the ME Association? A percentage of the profits of each sale goes to help this worthy cause.

there are around 250,000 ME sufferers in the U.K. Long Covid is now suffering the same distressing situation of lack of any medical care or knowledge.

in purchasing one of my books you can know you are also giving to this worthy cause. The ME Association provide essential campaigning, information and advocacy for patients

As a sufferer of severe ME, I know only too well how important this is. Did you know my books are created with my carer bringing my paints to me and sitting up in bed for half an hour at a time when I feel ‘well’ enough ? This always results in something known as PEM (post exertion malaise) as does any activities mental emotional or physical with a worsening of all symptoms and pain levels.

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