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Gutter and stars

Well. Things have been slowly accumulating - in a good way - toward our Phil the Brill Krill Event which will be held over the Summer as part of this years Summer Reading Challenge at our City Library.

We have been permitted use of the Shared Space meaning There is plenty of, well, space.

All the Krills starring on the stage are ready and we may make a couple more jellyfish to interact with the audience. Many a blue backdrop has been sourced and also two fishy doorstops - it's serendipitous when things like this seem to appear ! The krill templates for children to cut out and colour in are ready and the googly eyes are staring back.

Our fishy underwater world seemed almost to be complete when I stumbled this week upon the most appropriate jacket for our audience interaction link - all round great guy and also our Opera singer - the gold metallic fish scale jacket pictured below. It's just perfect. Things seem always to appear and work out if they are meant to be

So now my illness has taken hold again and yes, I may be lying in the proverbial gutter, but I am looking at these things of wonder and they give me hope. Hoping I have enough health to make it through. I usually do. It's usually the thought of why I do what I do and the excitement the children can have that will keep things swimming along

Pictures below. An adult sized sparkly gold metallic zip up jacket with a fish scale print

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