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GOOD NEWS WE HAVE SECURED FUNDING ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Some of the hard work is beginning to pay off

On Monday of this week I received an email. I receive a lot of emails in a day, most of them are advertising, or a campaign needing a signature or some news article. I had almost forgotten I had applied for consideration for funding. These things can take a while to turn over. Things always seem more delightful when unexpected. So the email declaring I had been granted a sum of money - especially in the middle of these financially difficult times for society as a whole- I was super super delighted

It was and always will be about everything else BUT the money for me. I am in no way a business person! But I learned that I could not personally sustain my page to stage production lifted from my first book The Butterfly Who Would Not Open Her Wings (2020). Having written, produced, directed and narrated myself, it was made possible due to the commitment and hard work of a small team of talented people. I am forever indebted to them. But it is important to me people get paid. So that's when it became apparent that funding would be needed.

We want to reach as many children and families (adults love my stories too!) with this interactive performance workshop production. We want children and young adults to experience and hear the core message of hope 'no matter how dark things may seem'. My stories are not saccharine they are more salty. They are written to give life back its flavour, in order to nourish and encourage. I want children and young adults to become more resilient, more engaged, kinder, more compassionate individuals that always hold light of hope. "These Burdens on My Back Have Become Wings". My production gives children the space to explore and learn and in the dance to transform. Creative transformation and growth being at the heart of all my work whether it be my studio based practice, my writing, illustration work or designing or playing music.

So now I find myself fixing dates , talking about licenses and advertising (the good kind!) and emailing people myself to let my little company know the Butterfly will open her wings a few more times next year again. We have one outdoor performnace and four indoors. It's not a run at a theatre. But being on the fringes is where certainly I belong. It's where there is the most freedom. Without freedom, we have nothing.

You may have noticed that amidst all this, we are Crowdfunding. Every penny helps and we put each pound or dollar or whatever to work. You may know that in giving, another heart and mind will have the opportunity to access this event. Despite the funding granted for venue hire I still need to be able to pay people and without and funding for this section I will rely on ticket sales alone.

I know times are rough but even a pound helps.

Thankyou for reading this post and I hope the Winter months find you all as well as can be. And if not, that's okay too. We are all growing and we all one day will fly....

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